Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome Bubba!

On Sunday April 15th 2012, we welcomed to the world our second little guy, we nicknamed Bubba.

At my last appointment that was at 38 weeks I was measuring between 3.5 - 4cm dialated so we knew he was on his way soon and I wasnt going to make it to my due date. I had another ultrasound to check the babies fluid levels and approximate size. He was measuring 40 week 4 days big and had enough fluids but they said if I dont go into labor naturally before my next appt. they were going to schedule a induction. So knowing that I was prepared to go at anytime. Of course the next couple days I didnt feel any contractions. Saturday we spent the day chilling at home cleaning the house and rearranging furniture.
That evening we put together a puzzle on the floor, and I was having a hard time finding a comfortable position and thinking back on it now was having alot more pressure down there, but wasnt having any braxton hicks or any real contractions at all. Around 10:30pm after everyone went to bed I started having strong braxton hicks. Around 12am I was still up on the computer lol when I had a real strong contraction that actually hurt more than just tightning and cramping in my back that I was having before.. So I decided I was going to go lay down and see if that would help.
About 10 mins later my water broke and the contractions started. We called our people we asked to help watch Boo Boo while we went to the hospital and found someone to come over and stay the night so boo boo could continue to sleep.  This worked out perfect for us because I was nervous to wake him up and leave him somewhere.. Special thanks to boo boos favorite babysitter for saving the night.. lol

We left for the hospital around 1:15am my contractions were about 6 mins apart. We made it to the hospital at 2:00am and got checked in with triage. We got the last bed in triage and they said the girl next to us just got the last labor and delivery room. EEk! At this point we werent to worried because I was still at 4cm when we got there and 80% effaced. So I potentially could be in labor for several more hours before needing a room.. Well they got me all hooked up to the machine to track my contractions and the babies heartbeat. As soon as they got it regulated every time I would have a contraction, his heartrate would dip from 130s to 90s, so the nurse had me roll to my left side to see if that would help. The next set of contractions his heartrate was still dipping, so they rolled me to my other side and put oxygen mask on me and started my IV. This seemed to work for 2 contractions but then it was still dipping low 90s, and each contraction was getting longer and stronger. Finally they checked me again and I had progressed from a 5cm to a 7cm in an hour and so the nurse went to call my dr to see what she wanted to do about the whole situation. My dr was at home and said she would be on her way, and they needed to find me a room. The nurse came in and said "I cant tell you this but if you are feeling pressure we need to get you to a room, are you feeling pressure down there?" I of course said no lol I didnt catch her drift the first time.. lol. Then the next contraction came and she asked me again and I said yes lots! They magically found me a room and started prepping it for delivery.

Once in the labor and delivery room I asked for my epidural. The nurses said it was too late for that and that the anesthesiologist wouldnt make it in time because there were others in line in front of me. I tried bargaining with them for a while before I accepted that this was going to have to happen without one. EEK! I was already having extremely painful contractions I couldnt imagine it getting worse. LOL.

They checked me again and I was at a 9cm and feeling the urge to push (which by the way is the most uncomfortable feeling in the world especially when everyone is telling you to fight it and breathe through it and try to relax) haha.. The stand-in doctor was in the room now and had an extremely worried look on his face (thanks thats reassuring) and I heard my dr was about 10 mins away. Luckily she made in in 3 contractions and as soon as she entered the room I started pushing and 4 pushes later Bubba made his grand entrance at 4:49am! Apparently he had the cord wrapped around his shoulder and head so everytime I had a contraction it was pinching off the cord.

 It was such a relief when I heard him start screaming and I could tell he was going to be ok. Right away I noticed he looked so much like Boo Boo did when he was born. They took him to the table next to me and started cleaning him up and checking his vitals. He scored a 8/9, which is great.

He checked out fine and is a healthy baby boy. We waited to call and text our friends and family till it was morning because we didnt want anyone to wait up all night waiting to hear if we had the baby and he not come till night.. lol but that wasnt our story this time. Everyone was super surprised he came so fast and early in the morning but they were happy to hear he made it out ok.

My mom was already flying in that day and so we had to arrange for someone to pick her up from the airport and bring her to our house. That was alot to ask considering it was about 250 miles total she had to put on her truck round trip that day. Special thanks to her for doing that for us!!

My mom brought Boo Boo down to meet his new brother and he was very excited! Earlier that day I had recieved flowers and a balloon from my inlaws and Boo Boo was excited to meet his brother but the balloon was far more interesting.. LOL

We got out of the hospital the next day and it was 81 degrees out and sunny. I over dressed Bub in blue and grey sports ball fleece jammies and a cotton hat and mittens.. LOL but to be fair when I packed my hospital bag it was snowing and 34 degrees.. I had no clue in a week the weather would be so dramatically different!

            This was April 14th 2012 the day before bubba was born

We had just got hit by a huge snow storm 2 days before Bub decided to come, and I was very worried I would go into labor and not be able to get to the hospital that is 45 mins away because the highway was closed. Fortunately Saturday afternoon the temps were high enough that the snow was melting and the roads were clearing up. 
Our New Family!
Boo Boo & Bubba

Bubba 8lbs 7oz, 21inches
April 15th 2012 @ 4:49am

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  1. Congrats on your newest family member!!! He is adorable. What a great story. I think it's funny how we all spend so much time thinking, planning and wondering how everything will go. It never fails that whatever we think is going to happen is the exact opposite. I know you wanted the epi but congrats to you for pushing through ;) Wear that mommy badge proud not many of us can (me included).
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