Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Months!!

Bubba is 2 months old today! It's crazy how fast time is flying!! He got to meet grandma & grandpa f & aunt & cousins this past week who drove out here from MN to see him, and he is really enjoying the extra attention!! Boo boo is loving his baby brother so much and loves to sing abcs to him whenever he is crabby, so cute.
Bubba has already gained 15 lbs almost doubled his birthweight and 23.5 inches! He is primarily wearing 3-6 month clothes and is cloth diapered full time in his one sized diapers that seem to fit very well.
He is eating every 3 hours during the day usually 20 mins on both sides finally and at night will nurse a lot then sleep a big 5 hr stretch then eat then another 4 hr stretch I am so happy. With boo boo he wasn't sleeping this well till like 4 or 5 months..
He can pretty much hold his head up by himself, and he really enjoys sitting in his bouncy seat, not so much his swing anymore.
He so far is a good traveler in the car, he will complain only when he's getting hungry. That is good bc we travel a lot.
He is not much of a fan of the nuk, but will entertain the idea ifs very once in a while so we always have one handy.

Bubba is such a cutie he really enjoys listening to bedtime stories. He smiles a lot when you talk to him and he tries to talk back.

Here are some pictures from this month

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