Friday, January 18, 2013

9 Months :)

Bubba, is 9 months old!! EEK!

Man he has changed so much in the past couple months :) He is so cute! We love him dearly.

Hmm let see what has changed since last month? Well he finally is moving independently. haha Not a normal crawl but he has figured out how to scoot his butt sitting to get to where he wants. He is still much much more interested in cruising along furniture or walking around with mommy as his walker. We have tried putting him in an actual walker but he just hates it.. :/

EAT: Finally found something he doesnt like: JELLO.. haha he really fusses if I try to give it to him.. lol He eats pretty much everything else that we eat, in the morning he gets fruit and cereal, cherrios or puffs, bananas or peaches or berries, and some of mommies oatmeal some days too.. lunch he likes: to have veggie sticks, cheese, yogurt, applesauce, avocado, turkey, ham, etc.. dinners he pretty much whatever I make, but he really enjoys chicken.

He is still nursing like a champ, and I am so proud to have gone this long with him!! I really cherish the time we get together in the mornings naps and bed time, I am definitely going to miss the snuggle time in a couple years.. although Cade is still a snuggle bug too but only when he is tired or sick.. :/ lol

SLEEP: He loves his schedule, he is a very good sleeper naturally, He learned to soothe himself sometime since we moved to our new house and settled into a good routine. He goes down around 7:30-8pm everynight I give him his football blanket, turn on his sound machine, giraffe, and projection, and nurse him till he is drowsy and done drinking, then lay him in his crib and shut the door, He sometimes crys about 5 mins or so but he always falls asleep. I do the same for naps He wakes up at 730am everyday, I can live with that.. Cade wakes up around then too..

Last couple weeks have been crazy bc both the boys have been on and off sick. but generally our schedule is as follows:
730am wake up
8am breakfast
830-10am playtime/ run errands
10am -12 bubba nap/ cade and mom clean or play
12:30pm lunch
1:15pm Cade potty and read and nap
1:30-330pm Boys nap
400pm boys snack
430-500pm play/ run errands
5-6 Bubba nap
6pm dinner
7pm play with dad
730 get ready for bed potty, read, brush teeth
8pm bed for boys

I feel like one or both of them are sleeping alll day long!! It is frustrating some days but then again this way we arent out getting germs, they are getting the rest they apparently need and I, well I try to get things done  ..

I missed bubbas 9 month well check this week.. oops so I need to reschedule..

TOYS: He has been really into cars and cups.. haha still obsessed with the remote. He still has no teeth and just when I think hes starting to teethe no, nothing happens. lol oh well he doesnt mind, he will have healthier teeth this way and they will all come at one time hopefully so less to deal with.

He actually doesnt mind being in the car, he plays or watches cade, chews on toys.

He lights up when he sees people he knows and that is so fun to watch. Me and Cade are teaching him sign language at meals and right now he just thinks we are being funny..

He has an infectious giggle I know he recieved from his Uncle Nick, and I have a feeling as he gets older, is going to look alot like him too. Bubba looks so much like I did when I was a baby and me and my brother looked almost like twins as kids.. I wish that my brother were here to show these boys about cars and games (and later in life girls), but in some way I feel like he already is.. Things Cade says and does, I remember Nick doing and saying and it does make me sad and laugh because I know he is still around in or around us playing apart of our lives we dont yet understand. My brother is an angel I miss him everyday, but I see him in my life through my boys and that brings me joy, for them I thank god. We are blessed to have such adorable babies. :)

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