Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 weeks- Chia seed

How far along? 5 weeks ,
Total weight gain/loss: 180 lbs
Maternity clothes: none yet, thankfully
Have you told family and friends? No, waiting till after our first appt.
Have you started to show yet? Don't think so
Sleep: horrible! Hot, then turning over contantly. 
Exercise: I was able to go to spin class once this week and did well.
Best moment this week: being able to stay awake during nap time to watch my shows..
Miss Anything? Wine.
Movement: none yet.
Food cravings: fruit, peanut butter and eggs,
Anything making you queasy or sick? The fridge, and garlic, meat
Gender prediction: girl
Labor Signs: nope
Symptoms: fatigued, queasy, tired,
Major purchases this week?  none.

Still in shock that we are going to have another child. I am hoping to continue to go to spin, add some yoga classes and walking each week. I am really struggling with not telling people. But since we had such great pregnancies before I am also super worried we are due for a terrible one.

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