Thursday, May 17, 2012

One Month Old!

Bubba is one month old!!

I cant believe how fast the last month has went by. Things are so incredibly different from before Bubba was born, but better because we are so blessed to have two healthy happy boys!

Bubba is already 11.5 lbs and 22inches long, he no longer fits in his newborn diapers :( or his newborn clothes! He is nursing like a champ, and is growing like a weed. He is most awake from 5am to 6am and 4pm to 8pm. He hasnt really taken a liking to a pacifier yet, but when dads holding him he will suck on one. Bubba really enjoys listening to his big bro and daddy talk, he will just lay there and stare in their direction and listen. So cute. He is such a good baby, so far he doesnt fuss too much unless he is hungry or wants to be held. I think we got thrush so he has been a bit more fussy at feedings lately so we are using the gentian violet method so bubba has some purple lips and mouth. It is only painful on one side for me so I am hoping we caught it early and wont have it very much longer. Otherwise I have my six week postpartum appt next week I will bring it up then. Bubba's next well baby appt isnt until June 20th.

Boo Boo has had his days, but so far he has adjusted to being a big brother pretty smoothly, he is eager to help us out with the baby, and we have tried hard to give him the positive attention he needs. When Bubba is crying Boo Boo runs for the closest nuk, in which I think he keeps tabs on. lol. He also really likes to "help" change diapers and burp bubba. Boo Boo also has taken up the task of cleaning the house for us, haha. He really enjoys washing the dishes (aka rinsing them and putting them in the drying rack, and lots of splashing in the water) he also likes to help sweep the floor and vacuum the crumbs, carry in groceries, and move the dirty clothes to the laundry room. Boo Boo was very lucky while grandma was out here to help us after bubba was born because she bought him a new bike with training wheels! We were so impressed when he got on and was able to pedel a few strokes by himself. We were even more proud a week later he was already making circles around the island in our kitchen! He learned to ride it so fast, half the time it is inside the house because its easier for us to watch him, but he also does very well riding around the block also. Such a little smarty pants!

Boo Boo just turned 2 and a half and he can count from 1 to 28 and knows his abc's, all his colors, and shapes. He has been singing while he plays alot, it is super cute but we dont really know what he is singing.. He does pretty well at playing by himself for about 30mins especially his trio blocks! He loves building things like robots, boats, towers, wind turbines lol, and monster trucks.. It is one of his favorite things to do with dad right now. His other favorite toys are his coloring books & crayons, legos, his lightning mcqueen suitcase he puts stuff in and totes around, and his new trampoline and sand and water table from us. He also really enjoys watering the grass and making bubbles in the puddle with dawn soap and his bubble wand.
His favorite phrases are: "Guess What Mom: my school friends and miss jen, spike, abby, avery.."  " Whos that"  "Where'd Daddy go?" "Great!" What Happened to Daddy?' and "Look-it"

Probably the biggest challange going from one child to having two is you only have two hands and one is most likely always holding the baby. So this first month has really been just getting used to juggling things one handed and getting things prepared before the day or before they need to happen. For instance getting Boo Boo's lunch made before I pick him up from preschool, and getting him started on an activity that requires no help from me before I have to nurse Bub. It is difficult to always be thinking ahead, and if I ever get time at night I will be preparing meals then because no matter what I do, dinner never gets started before 530pm lately and we already starving.. lol

Another struggle we are having is groceries. It is nearly impossible to go to the store with both kids and a full grocery list, the problem is I refuse to grocery shop in town because the prices are so high. In order to save money I drive 45 mins to the next town to get our groceries. Well this makes it an entire day trip, not to mention super exhausting! So I try to go on days Boo Boo is in preschool but the last couple times I planned on that Bubba needed to nurse after dropping Boo Boo off and that takes about 45 mins to an hour, and we only have 3 hours before we have to pick him back up from school. That doesnt leave anytime really to drive down, shop, then drive back.. So I have been buying few groceries here and there at the store in town and its getting expensive. I know every mom knows you just have to stick your guns out and do it with the kids but its so embarassing when you get to the check out and everyone in the store knows your kids name because you been calling him in every aisle to stay by you because the store doesnt have double carts for both kids to sit in and your older kid wants to push his own little shopper cart. LOL

This past weekend was Mothers Day, we were so lucky to have such an awesome friend come over early in the morning to watch both the boys so me and hubs could go out to brunch to celebrate. It was super yummy at our favorite restaraunt in town Don Juans which serves South America fusion food. With our meal we had a choice of champagne, white wine or pink moscato. The white wine was AMAZING! It was made by New Age Winery in Argentina. Its a blend of 90% Torrontes and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. What is even more amazing is that both of us liked it. My hubby usually likes the drier, full bodied, dark reds and this white wine is nothing like that but is more like a sparkling hard pear cider that is extremely refreshing. We were both so excited about it we instantly looked it up when we got home and bought a case. haha. This is the perfect wine to serve to anyone, those that like sweet wines and those that like drier wines because the process they use to ferment the wine creates a slightly sweet, semi-sparkling wine! The also make a light bodied rose' that we also got that I am eager to try. Both are very reasonably priced.

Hubby went back to work full time last week, after being home the previous week helping me out and working when we all took naps. It went pretty smoothly, we were late to school a couple days from sleeping in, and we had to eat fast food one night but we survived. lol We were so fortunate to have such awsome friends bring us dinner one night and it was amazing! We really appreciated it!

By now were on a pretty good schedule, heres what it looks like:
8am wake up, get boo boo juice and bfast in his chair, start feeding bubba.
9am clean up, playtime/tummy time for bub
10am nurse bubba again to sleep while playing simon says with boo boo.
10:30 -11 tv time for boo boo/ computer time for momma
12-1 outside play for boo boo
1pm naptime for boo boo and nursing bubba
1-3:30 Naptime for all!
4pm potty/ wake up/ nurse bub/ snack time for boo boo
5pm figure out dinner/ grocery shop/ walk to mail box
6pm make dinner
7pm nurse bub/ dinnertime for all
7-8pm playtime with daddy
8pm bathtime/ book
9pm bed/ cluster feed bub till 10:30pm/ watch How I met your Mother.. lol
10:45pm bedtime
1am nurse bub
5am nurse bub

Here are some photos from this month:

Thanks for reading!


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