Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trip to San Francisco

Two weeks ago we decided we wanted to cross off something off our list of places we want to go while we are living in CA. This was after some friends of ours found out they were moving back home and went to one of the other places we also want to visit before we leave (Yosemite).

So last minute we booked a hotel and some other arrangements and committed to go.

Things we wanted to see an do were Alcatraz, Giants baseball game, ride a trolley, and see the golden gate bridge.

We left for our destination on Saturday morning, originally planned on leaving after Bubbas feeding at 5 or 6am but he decided to be awake from 1-330am so this mama needed more sleep than that before hitting the road. We all woke up at 730am and started getting ready to go. I fed Bubba and got Boo Boo dressed and Hubs packed up our car with all our stuff we had packed the night before.

I packed a tote bin full of snacks (raisins, pretzels, granola bars) books boo boo hasnt read in a while, a couple hot wheels, his chuck truck and some play foam. We put it between the two car seats so Boo Boo could rifle through it on his own with out asking for this and that.

We live about 4.5 hours from there so we expected it to be a long trip. What we didnt expect was that Bubba would want to eat every 2 hours on the dot, it made for an extra long trip there.. but we had to stop for gas and potty and food anyways.

We stopped in Livermore, CA for lunch at Mikes Mountain Pizza, and it was awesome! I nursed Bubba in the parking lot and Hubs and Boo Boo ordered food and found the arcade, that Boo boo did not want to part with to eat or leave.. Big surprise right.. lol

Once we finally got there we went straight to golden gate park, to check it out.. Well that didnt last long because there was no where to park anywhere. It was crazy busy and there wasnt much we wanted to do there anyways with both the boys. So we headed to the hotel to check in.

We checked in and all took a nap, it was a long day already and we were exhausted.. Around 6pm we decided to go look for dinner.. haha we walked down to pier one that was a couple blocks from our hotel and found great burger joint called Gotts Roadside. It was no ordinary burger place however, we ordered a bottle of wine, and I got Ahi Burger and hubs got Wisconsin Sourdough, and boo boo got two mini hot dogs and fries, and we all shared some chili spiced sweet potato fries. It was so incredible! Mmmmm

That night they delivered boo boos roll away bed and I honestly didnt even think about bedtime being a issue, but we followed our regular routine and it took him about 30 mins to whine down and fall asleep. Meaning him asking whats that noise about 500 times.. lol It was hard but we just laid in bed and ignored him and if he got up we just put him back in bed and said nothing. The next night he did awesome and fell asleep in about 5 mins.

The next day hubs and boo boo woke up around 8am and quietly got dressed and let momma and brother continue to sleep. They walked to the park and chased pigeons and then on the way back stopped at the safeway and picked up some breakfast!

Once we were all full we headed down to the pier again to check out the ferry marketplace. It was pretty cool, lots of little shops of homemade breads, cheese, candles, froyo, beer, wine, and others. We walked around there for about and hour and half, someone got too tired and wanted to be carried lol and then headed back to the hotel for nap time.
ERGO is my best friend!!
This kid is 34lbs and I could barely feel him back there!

We had plans to get on a tour boat for the big fireworks show under the golden gate bridge for the 75th anniversary. We had to get on the boat at 8pm, so after naptime we headed down to the pier agan to hop on the cable car to get down to pier 39 where the boat leaves from. Well we stood in line forever and then we decided we would rather get a ride from one of the bike taxis instead of being cramped in the cable car..

We made it to pier 39 by 600pm and went to find the restaraunt hubs wanted to go to, and there was a 40 min wait.. but we had time so I went shopping in the souvenir shop and the boys went exploring. I had to learn how to nurse bubba in my ergo carrier while we were out because there really wasnt anywhere I could go to nurse him. Fortunately we figured it out quite easily and it was no problem. Actually it was much easier then fighting with a silly nursing cover.. only problem with nursing him in the baby carrier is that people dont realize thats whats going on till they have already poked there head in to see the baby lol..
I got alot of funny comments while nursing him while standing in line for the bathroom.. "He is getting the best meal in the house" and "Oh your going to be able to tell him he was at the 75th Anniversary of the GG bridge!" LOL and alot of "just wait till he is up here and running all over the place," trust me lady I know that one I got one outside.. lol!

It was a brisk day and luckily I grabbed our blankets for the boat ride because once we got down there it was really starting to get cold. After dinner we walked to the boat and there was a line that went all the way down the boardwalk which was about 700 people it seemed.. All waiting to get on the same charter! We wrapped up in the blankets and stood in line for about 30mins before we got on.
The fireworks were amazing! Even though it was really cold and windy out on the water it was worth it! We also got to see Alcatraz up close both ways and that was pretty sweet too. Its alot closer to the city than we both expected.

Alcatraz Prison

Once we got off the boat there were so many people trying to get on the cable car and buses again so we just decided to walk back.. It was a very long walk! We were so tired once we got back to the hotel I think we all fell asleep within 5 mins.
San Francisco from Treasure Island Naval Base

The next day we got up and got the room all packed up and checked out of the hotel. We drove around the city a while then headed to ghirardelli square to get some bfast. We hit up the chocolate shop for some ghirardelli hot fudge sundae to share and then walked down to the shore and got some hot dogs lol We saw the line for the trolley and decided not to wait, we had a Giants game to get to. So we hopped in the truck and drove through union sqaure and then parked at the stadium. We had awesome seats at the game, but unfortunately both the boys had enough after 2 innings. Basically was too cold for how we were dressed (bad planning on my part) and boo boo was tired. So we walked around the stadium and checked it all out, stopped at the bathrooms and then headed back to the truck to hit the road.
Bubba ready for his first MLB Game!
At Ghirardelli Square
Trolley at the Giants game

On the way home we stopped in Turlock for dinner, Red Robin which we havent had in forever. Then I got super pumped when I remembered that there was a Dutch Bros in Fresno on the way home. So we stopped there for some Fantastic coffee and switched drivers. When we lived in Oregon & Washington Dutch Bros was all over the place, so I really miss it alot living down here where there isnt any. We didnt make it home until midnight! But both the boys were awsome in the car both ways and it was such a fun first trip with our new family of four!

I will add more pictures later when I upload them from my phone.

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  1. Sounds like you had a AWESOME vacation for four! Great memories! Fun Weekend.