Sunday, December 9, 2012

SoftBums Diapers Report- Day 1

I have 6 echos & 6 omni SoftBums diapers & a plethora of pods all materials & sizes.

This week I plan on only using my SB diapers to see how far we can go by reusing them as long as we can ea day then starting fresh next day. I wanted to show how many a typical (non heavy wetting) 8 month old could get by with for others who are just starting out.

I will only be using our SoftBums diapers & pods for this week experiment.

I was not asked by SoftBums to do this, I am just doing it for my own knowledge & to share with others who are curious.
Day 1:
Shells used: nuclear pumpkin & firecracker.
Pods used: 2 large bamboo pods, 2 os bamboo pod. & 1 os dry touch superpod.

Changes: 5 total, 3 wet, 2 dirty.

Cloth wipes used: 3

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