Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minnesota Welcomes You

Day 5, our final day on our quest from Ca to Mn.

Today was highly anticipated and fun!

We woke up at 730 got the boys dressed and headed down to breakfast. We had plans to meet our Softbums friends who lived nearby for some swimming at the hotel waterpark before we hit the road for Minnesota .

Backstory: I planned on meeting up with this family so I could give them some of my milk for their little girl who isn't able to drink formula due to some medical conditions. Well it turns out a bunch of Softbums mamas also wanted to help this deserving family out and so we all pooled our money together to buy the kids bunk beds and bedding for Xmas. I got them all new pajamas to wear in their new beds. Well it turns out we were going to be staying just 30 mins outside of where they live so I picked up gifts along the way and worked along with another local mama to set up getting the beds & bedding it worked perfectly and so we schemed our plan out so that once the kids were done swimming an we were all leaving we would surprise them with their gifts in the parking lot. It was so incredible to be able to help them out like that and we could tell they genuinely were so happy and humbled by our doings!! Yay!!

Hubs & Caiden had a lot of fun also swimming an playing in the water. After we said our goodbyes we hit the road at 1145 and made it to bdubs in mason city by 530 we ordered food to go and picked it up on our way. Yum!!

We made a lot of bathroom breaks today and made sure to get our MO & IA shot glasses!!

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