Monday, November 19, 2012

Pretzels & Pringles

Day 3 on our quest to MN, moving from CA.

Well we started the day with bubba waking up early as usual. So me and him hit the shower and got stuff together while waiting for hubs & cade to get ready.

We headed over to Uhaul to pick up our car trailer at 9am and after me almost plowing over it lol oops we were on our way by 10am

We made only 2.5 stops again today and went through 3 Disney movies..

We didn't want to stop long so we did a lot of snacking today, hence the title of this post.

Connor had his first pretzel & diluted apple juice today. Lol he was a fan

Caiden was awesome in the car, Connor was better & slept a lot if it.. But by 7pm he was getting antsy and crying. Fortunately we arrived in Amarillo at 730pm. We decided to order room service & wine because it was late with the 2nd time change and the boys were too antsy to sit down to eat anywhere.. Btw the time changes are super annoying and crappy!

This is a really nice hotel. The Hilton garden inn. Too bad we will only be here for 11 hours lol

We are hoping to leave early to be able to get to MO tomorrow night so we have some time to swim at the waterpark for Caidens birthday!!

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