Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Boo Boo

Day 4 on our road trip back to MN.

Today is Caiden's 3rd birthday!! I cannot believe it. He seems so much older but the time seem like it was just yesterday we were in Walla Walla with our new baby boy. He sure has grown in to a respectful handsome young guy, super smart & loves his family. We are so proud of him everyday he shows us another thing we adore about him. We love him so much!! We are very blessed to have him in our life.

Today we woke up cade took a seriously long shower while we packed up our stuff and Connor slept in haha, we got breakfast at the hotel which was amazing... Then we hit the road around 10am. One hour later we had to stop for Caiden to pee & Connor to eat. We stopped at a loves trucks top & cade got to pick out a toy as a birthday present. He took forever to decide & then landed on a orange Chevy Camero model car.

All day long he received calls from family to width him a happy birthday including a FaceTime call from cousin Sawyer & a video from Jen & the kids singing happy birthday to him!! He loved that. He is so excited he gets to see grandma & grandpa very soon .

We stopped 3 times today and the last stop was in Wichita for dinner at Texas road house. We had a great dinner and caiden got to get his picture on the saddle.

We are staying just outside of Kansas City tonight and we are meeting some special friends tomorrow to swim at the hotels waterpark before we hit the road one last stretch before getting home tomorrow night !!

We have had a good time so far on this trip and both the boys have done awesome!! We have watched Cars about 13 times now even though we have 4 other movies caiden is a little obsessed with Cars. I think we would win a family cars trivia game hands down if we played one now after this trip.. :)

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