Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY- Learning to Crochet

Watch out ya'll i'm learnin to crochet! If you were to tell me I would be doing this 2 years ago I would have laughed in your face!

Ever since Bubba was born I have been interested in the style, for hats diaper covers, leggings.. etc.

Caidens 3rd birthday is coming up and I wanted to do a CARS theme this year because he is a little obsessed. When I saw this hat I wanted to make it so much!!

Fortunately for me I have an awsome friend whom I have been helping learn to sew and making cloth diapers for that agreed to teach me how to crochet so I could get some practice in. I know my mom is more than willing to show me how to do it as well and she will get her chance to help me in a few weeks when we move back to MN. But for now here are some videos I took of myself learning .. they are quite aweful but helpful for me to remember the steps and learn.. LOL

Day One.. Seriously just starting out.. LOL
Day 2..
Day 2 more..
As you can see I am getting better and faster at it.. Woot! Wonder what day 10 will look like :)
Thanks again my friend!!
I told my hubby tonight I will be a hot commodity if there is ever a apocalypse or something I can sew and now crochet us all socks and underwear.. Bahahaha.. or hats

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  1. Going Great Manda, Even gave me the giggles watching .. brought back memories of learning myself .. years ago. We'll have you even crocheting rugs, blankets .. towels, washclothes.. the sky is the limit.