Wednesday, October 17, 2012

6 Months Old!

Bubba turned 6 months old!! Its crazy how fast the second child grows! Woo Hoo we made it 6 month breastfeeding exclusively, i'm so proud of us both!!

We just finished eating dinner and Cade sang Bubba Happy Half Birthday then had to blow out his imaginary candle and then eat his cake (his meatball from dinner) LOL

Connor is very much on a schedule, this is how it goes:

7:30am Wake up
8:30am Bring BooBoo to school
10:00am Nurse & nap
11:00am Wake & Play
11:45am Pick up BooBoo
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Nurse & nap
3:00 Wake & play
5:00 Nurse & Nap
6:00 Dinner
8:30 Storytime & Nurse & Bed
12am Nurse
3am Nurse
6am Nurse & plays in bed till 7am sleeps till 7:30am when Cade is knocking on the door to get up..

He has been eating fruits & veggies the past 3 weeks and is doing great! He doesnt really favor anything more then another yet.. I think he just loves everything.. LOL
So far he has tried apples, pears, avocado, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, prunes, apple butternut squash.
He gets fruit for lunch & veggies for dinner & sometimes something in his snack mesh thing with bananas or grapes in it..
He got his own sip cup too and loves to drink water from it..
He got his first gerber puffs this week, he loves them!!

Bubba is increasingly becoming more interested in playing with BooBoo & by himself. He is much more dextarious than Caiden was at this age. He picks up things very easily and loves pushing cars back and forth. Bubba's favorite toy is probably his Sophie giraffe or his Elephant teether, but he also likes the leap frog wheel and helicoptor, & of course balls.

He loves the movie Cars, he will sit with Caiden and watch it.. any other show/ movies he isnt interested in.

He has been more of a chatterbox lately saying yayayaya and nananaa lol its so cute..

Bubba still isnt interested in a pacifier, we have pretty much given up on that effort. He loves blankets though, but doesn't yet prefer a specific one..

He has been sitting up on his own for a month now but has not rolled over.. not that he isnt strong enough, but he just doesnt get enough practice.. but we are working on it..

Bubba's 6 month well check: He did great, Dr said he is very healthy still in 90th percentile for height & weight and 75% in HC. Dr wasnt too concerned about him not being very mobile yet because it seems he skipped over that skill to be able to sit up so early. He gave him the ok to eat solids.. Which he already is and said diuted juice is fine. He got his 3 shots and said if we wanted him to get the flu shot that would have to wait 3 weeks & come back.

This weekend we are getting some family pictures done out by hubs work so we will always remember our time out here, and how little the boys were before we moved.. It should be fun.. Plus I got the boys some super cute outfits!!

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  1. what a good idea - we totally should have taken more family pictures before we moved back. oh well i guess.