Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Paleo Diet Part 1

First of all want to thank my SIL for leading me/us to this diet/ way of living. ie Eating Cleaner, Caveman Diet.. etc.

When we got back from MN in September we had been eating like crap mainly the past couple weeks and you know that feeling when you just feel gross, when parts of your skin is touching other parts it really shouldn't, that really feels discusting.. Well thats the way I was feeling.. Bloated mainly.. You know what causes that feeling? Eating out, Sodium & Processed foods..

We all know this fact, and you try to avoid it but socitey and media lead us down a road that wants us to be fat and bloated.. :/ Well screw that! Im sick of it, and I dont want my kids growing up thinking that is the only way it is. They have so much potential why not show them there are other options.

Now normally people go out and buy a book that describes said diet before starting it.. Yes this is an ingenious idea. But i've got a 5 month old that is now waking up every 3hrs at night again. I dont have the mental capacity to read a book right now. So what is the easier thing to do?? Ah Yes, Pinterest! Have I ever mentioned I love PINTEREST?? :) Ps I have ordered a book from just waiting on it.. I will read it eventually..

But Basically the Paleo diet is very primal, you only eat what one could hunt or gather themselves.. with exceptions due to modern availability and access and things you could make it from something whole like orange juice and coconut milk and almond milk, (which I plan on making myself very soon).. No Dairy, Legumes, Vegetable Oil, Excess Sugar, or Grains..

Heres what I found: (click on the pictures to view bigger)



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