Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Paleo Diet Part 2

If you didnt read part one, go back and read it..

Ok so after doing some research I made a grocery list for our first week eating paleo.. (we eased into it) Some things to know about this diet when shopping for groceries.. GO to Trader Joes.. It was way cheaper to get alot of the stuff I needed and they actually had what I was looking for.. Things like Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk (canned & carton) Coconut Water Almond flour, Almond Butter, Almond meal, organic meats & fruits & veggies are cheaper.. Actually after a while I actually just learned to make my own almond butter & meal. By buying a big bag of almonds at costco and blending them up in my Ninja! Another thing, You eat so much fruits, veggies, meats & nuts its best to buy that stuff in bulk (costco) and freeze it.

Since it is way easy to fail on a diet if you jump right in and say your never looking back, Each week we have a Cheat Day, Thursday is our day.. we still try to eat paleo most of the day but one or 2 meals we allow carbs/ dairy legumes.. etc.. Pizza and Pasta is usually what sounds good.. LOL

Really the only hardest thing for me has been no cereal in the morning. For as far back as I can remember CEREAL has been the first thing I do in the morning, as it is for my family.. We are big cereal eaters.. So not having it has been hard. Instead I have been making smoothies every morning. half a banana some berries, ice and coconut milk or almond milk and a scoop of my juice plus complete vanilla.. Days that I have no time to make a smoothie I just eat a banana.

I try to keep the healthy snack foods ready to eat in the fridge or pantry.. things like grapes, berries, carrots sticks, trail mix, dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, apple chips & beef jerky & dk choco chips.
I also try to have one salad ready to eat as a snack too like Kale salad or Chicken salad.

Ok here are some recipes we have made so far.. and I honestly cant complain about any!

 Grilled Beef & Veggies (unKabobs)
 Paleo Pumpkin Fluff Dip To make this Paleo I just used honey, coconut yogurt (dont by the SO delicous brand its so gross, trader joes brand is good), & coconut cream to make the whip, and add it to the pumpkin & other spices.
 Almond Butter Cocoa Pudding ( I just put tbsp cocoa in the 2 cups almonds in my food processor and some vanilla extract and coconut oil then blended for 7 mins till almost smooth, then put it on the stove in a pan melted it added some coconut milk and let that bubble stirring constantly, then took off heat let it sit a min then it was done!)
 Portabella Burgers (just grilled burgers & portabella mushrooms & assembled)
Beef Strogenoff & Garlic Mashed Califlower

In part three I will talk about my OOPS moment and some of the cons of the diet and the results we are seeing being on it..


  1. LOL I just realized I havent wrote part three!! lol I will do that this month

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