Sunday, February 17, 2013

10 Months

It finally happened Connor learned to crawl!! He is currently chasing a ball around the living room! He is so much happier now that he knows he can move independently. He also has been standing & taking steps on his own!!

He also finally popped some bottom teeth!! He has two, and just this week he has decided to use them to bite me. Thankfully he also knew he was being naughty and it wasn't serious. Lol

He now recognizes music and will jump and dance to it. He will do the same if you sing to him. It's cute.

He is being more vocal dada is frequent, icky and mom on occasion.

Eat: he loves chicken & avocado, & bananas!! They are his fave for sure.
He pretty happy eating everything. Gram crackers & Cheerios. Cheese, and ham.

Sleep: he loves to sleep but naps still taking 3 a day, totaling 2.5 hours. I know as soon as he is ready to push back the first one he will just take a good one.

Play: he is really into cars, toothbrushes, wood puzzles, and anything that's not a toy, oh and emptying everything out if a box or off a shelf. His favorite thing to do though us his and Cade's chasing game around the house.

730: wake up nurse
8:00: eat bfast
9:00: playtime or errands
10:00: bub nap & nurse
11:00 -12:00 lunch
1:00 boys nap & con nurse
3:00 snack time bub& playtime
4:00: snack time cade
5:00: errands / make dinner
5:30: bub nurse & nap
6:00: dinner
7:00: playtime with dad
7:30: bubba nurse & bed
8-830: Cade story time & bed

Recently Cade has been going to bed but going in and out of his room till 9-930 driving us crazy. I think we might have to up his bed time to 730 like Connor.

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