Friday, February 8, 2013

Cloth Diaper Report- Month 10

How many diapers (shells) a day used? 2, (changes: morning, after nap, after dinner & before bed)

How many wipes? 1 in the morning, 3 if poopy, none for wet

What Brands were used? SoftBums, Grovia, Rock-a-Bums, Mud Butt

What brand/ style fit best? SoftBums & & Rock-a-Bums

Were you able to reuse your AI2 shells during the same day? If so how many times? Yes about 2-4 times,
What fit problems did you have? None
What was the print/ color you grabbed the most? SoftBums Midnight Owls Echo
Best on the go diaper? Rock a Bums
What type of insert/ soakers worked the best? Really digging the rockabums soakers with the grey fleece top they hold up good for 3-4 hours never worry about poop.
The worst? Grovia poop gets between the two layers = messy
Overnight? OS Bamboo pod in OMNI shell
Did you have any blowouts? None
What was your washing schedule like? Hot wash heavy duty, then a warm wash normal, washing once a week air drying shells, pods dryer
Detergent used? Using Tide original powder.
Love it or hate it? Love how my non cloth diapering friends consider me a eco chic.. lol really I am just saving money & the being green is just part of it.

Things you learned?  Calgon is a cloth diaper safe water softener that can be used with each load of diapers to help get them cleaner when you have hard water.
Some fit pictures:

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