Tuesday, July 1, 2014

29 pounds GONE! 11 to go!

Fa real! When I stepped on the wii fit scale to weigh in this past week I was so excited! Had I not endulged so much this month on booze and yummy food at pour.. I would have made it to the 30 lbs.. But you know what? That is that hardest part about trying to lose weight. Going all out and never giving yourself a break you most likely would lose it much faster, but in return you have to pass on so many of life's joys and if your not doing what makes you happy then that makes no sence, as soon as you get to a happy weight and you start to endulge again your going to be in trouble. For me it's just finding that balance. ... I haven't found it yet. But I'm going to keep trying. Sure it's discouraging when it's slow going but honestly at least I'm happy and sane.. 

Diet: just trying to focus on eating smaller portions, not over eating. I am doing a Juice Plus complete shake after exercising in the morning. A turkey wrap & veggies& dip for lunch. Dinner something low carb

Exercise: I have been running with my neighbor Becky, 2-3 times a week for 2-4 miles each day. I have a bunch of infit credits about to expire so I am trying to get to the gym this week for some cardio classes. But what I really need to to us start focusing on my arms & lower abs they are stubborn lol blah.. 

Hoping to get Dan to spinning class at least once this month. :) He has also been doing good I think up to 40# lost!  

Thanks for all the encouragement from friends! 

Progress: this months pictures: 
Still not bikini ready.. Lol 
Last months pictures: 

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