Monday, July 28, 2014

32 lbs down 8 to go!

Yea I am super excited! This past weekend we went shopping for new clothes because wearing clothes that are too big is just depressing. Every week seems to get harder to get to our goals. In the beginning I said I wanted to lose 40 pounds. I am seriously 8 lbs away in 7 months!! That does sound like a lot but in reality it sucked a lot in the process due to plateaus and constant battle with eating the right food and the right amount. Lol But the great part is I have continued to lose weight and still allowed myself to have fun and let loose here and there. So that's awesome I guess. 

 Yes I'm terrible at "selfies" yes my bathroom mirror is fifthy! 

Diet: I am having trouble with this one still. I need to crack down on carbs and portions and weeknight drinking lol.. But that is life man.. Ugh I also think I need to start eating eggs for breakfast this is something I never do.. Maybe some real protein will help. 

Exercise: I have fallen in love with PIYO which is a class I take at the gym that is a mix of Pilates and yoga. 2x a week. I am also continuing to take spin with Dan 1-2x a week. And outside of that I am running 1-2x a week and doing crossfit training 3x a week. 

Crossfit 6 week workout printables:

I am now more motivated than ever because I need to fit into 2 dresses I ordered for our cruise that are one size too small. I didn't do this on purpose but actually by mistake. But one dress size.. That is doable I think. It's really 1 inch around hips and waist. 

But my real motivation is this: my before pictures.. 

7 months later: 

Last month: 

35 lbs lost: get hair and nails done. 
40# : Go on a cruise, wear a bikini, wear clothes that fit, and have the energy to have a great vacation! 

Thanks again for all the continued support and positive encouragement from friends family and neighbors!! 

Special thanks to my neighbor Becky for keeping me on my toes and getting me up at the crack of dawn to exercise. 

Finally thanks to my hubby who is 100% in this with me and who is doing so awesome as well! I am proud of us both for not giving up and saying it is what it is. Nope we will be better, if not for ourselves, for our kids. 

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