Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nick's LoveLife 5K Walk/ Run

I am a part of a foundation my family started in memory of my brother to raise money to help end childhood cancer. My brother was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was 16 years old. He fought it for 4 and a half years, he was a great guy and if you would have met him you would never have known he had a deadly disease. He loved life and didnt let cancer get in the way of his dreams. Unfortunately the lord had better plans for him and he left us here in March of 2010. The Nick Reamer Osteosarcoma Foundation was established in November 2010 and is a 501(c) non-profit organization. We host 3 main events each year, one in the spring (walking tacos stand at the garage sales in our neighborhood) in the summer (Nick's LoveLife 5K Walk/ Run) and one in the fall (Nickadeamous' Tricked Out Truck & Car Show) All of the profits raised at each event is used to either help support families with childhood cancers or is donated to Childrens Hospitals & Clinics of MN for research for childhood cancers.

In just a few weeks the Nick's LoveLife 5K Walk/ Run will be happening in Coon Rapids, MN. I realize not everyone reading is in the area but I just wanted to spread the word on the event and our foundation. Here's the details:

Saturday July, 21st 2012
Bunker Hills Regional Park Pavillion #1
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Day of Event, Registration 10:30am, Runners Start at 11am, Walkers 11:30am

If you are in the area and want to participate you can register online at our website today!

Or go to our website and check out our other events.

I encourage you to read our story and find out who Nick Reamer was, and discover and the reason for what we do.

Nick visiting us when we lived in Oregon

Thanks for reading!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cloth Diaper Report- 2

Month Two

How many diapers a day used? 4-6

How many wipes? 1 per change

What brand/ style fit best? Softbums/ AI2 ECHO still and Mud Butts AI2

Were you able to reuse your AI2 shells during the same day? If so how many times? Yes about 1-2x
What fit problems did you have? figuring out what soaker will last till the next time I feed him, usually every 2-3 hours
and being in between rise snaps sizes..
What was the print/ color you grabbed the most? Mud Butt Giraffe print AI2

What type of insert/ soakers worked the best? Mud butt ai2 soakers for overnight, WAHM made Bamboo /Hemp soakers, then SB bamboo reg pod
The worst? the minis alone arent enough, 2 works ok, the prefits are too small an he soaks the gl doubles in 2 hrs & needs a fleece liner over it to keep him feeling dry.
Did you have any blowouts?
What was your washing schedule like? Regular wash in hot/ cold cycle 2x rinse, sun dry the stained shells and soakers, machine dry the rest. Air dry most shells, unless i need one right away, washing every other day.

Love it or hate it? Love how cute he looks in them, hate how some of his 3 month clothes dont fit anymore because of the extra fluff.. love not having blowouts. Not loving to wash so much so I bought some more diapers to put into our rotation. :)

Things you learned?
I could use our kawaii minky snap diapers he wasn't even on the smallest setting, with one xl mf soaker.
Some fit pictures
5 weeks 12lbs

6 weeks 14 lbs

7 weeks matching fireman babylegs

Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Months!!

Bubba is 2 months old today! It's crazy how fast time is flying!! He got to meet grandma & grandpa f & aunt & cousins this past week who drove out here from MN to see him, and he is really enjoying the extra attention!! Boo boo is loving his baby brother so much and loves to sing abcs to him whenever he is crabby, so cute.
Bubba has already gained 15 lbs almost doubled his birthweight and 23.5 inches! He is primarily wearing 3-6 month clothes and is cloth diapered full time in his one sized diapers that seem to fit very well.
He is eating every 3 hours during the day usually 20 mins on both sides finally and at night will nurse a lot then sleep a big 5 hr stretch then eat then another 4 hr stretch I am so happy. With boo boo he wasn't sleeping this well till like 4 or 5 months..
He can pretty much hold his head up by himself, and he really enjoys sitting in his bouncy seat, not so much his swing anymore.
He so far is a good traveler in the car, he will complain only when he's getting hungry. That is good bc we travel a lot.
He is not much of a fan of the nuk, but will entertain the idea ifs very once in a while so we always have one handy.

Bubba is such a cutie he really enjoys listening to bedtime stories. He smiles a lot when you talk to him and he tries to talk back.

Here are some pictures from this month

Friday, June 8, 2012

Midweek snack

Well I finally jumped back on the bandwagon to lose the last of my baby weight from bubba. This week I started using myfitnesspal app again to track my food intake, which I used before and lost 20 lbs before I got pregnant. This week I also went to Zumba for the first time in 10 months and it felt so great!! I missed it so much and it felt great!

Well I threw together this easy snack for lunch today and it was so delish I thought I would share!

Cottage cheese dip
It's 1/2 cup of cottage cheese
1 tbsp of onion soup mix
1 oz of pita chips for dipping (about 28 chips)

200 calories

Yum enjoy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cloth Diaper Report- 1

Once a month I plan on taking an evaluation of our current cloth diapering needs & issues.

Month One

How many diapers a day used? 4-6

How many wipes? 2 per change

Cloth Diapers used? Softbums AI2 Echo & Omni OS Aplix, Grovia AI2 OS Aplix, My homemade nb size diapers aplix
What brand/ style fit best? Softbums/ AI2 ECHO, the omni is just a bit big, my homemade nb sized diapers only fit him up till week 3, but fit great till then.

Were you able to reuse your AI2 shells during the same day? If so how many times? Yes 1-2 times on average

What fit problems did you have? figuring out the right leg elastic length, so its tight enough to contain the pee and not to tight that it leaves red marks on his legs.

What was the print/ color you grabbed the most? Nuclear Orange Softbum Echo, then Blueberry echo

What type of insert/ soakers worked the best? WAHM "FluffyRumps" prefits for the first 3 weeks, then Softbums Bamboo mini pods, at 4 weeks 2 bamboo mini pods works
The worst? Greenline nb size bamboo soaker, was just too wet feeling and soaked within 2 hours.

Did you have any blowouts? One time wearing a Grovia AI2 OS, I think they were just too big for him at 4 weeks. Came out the leg opening. We also had some pee up the top of the SB shells before we got the fit down.

What was your washing schedule like? hour cold soak, then reg wash 2x rinse, sun dry the stained shells and soakers, machine dry the rest. every other day. (update: dont soak anymore it breaks down the material much faster, now just do a extra rinse)

Love it or hate it? Love how soft the cloth diapers are against his little bum, Hate how his EBF poo stains so easily, Love how awsome the sun naturally bleaches the stains out!!

Things you learned? Make sure the soakers are stuffed in the shell around the legs otherwise the pee will leak out onto clothes, Make sure to keep 3 diapers in the diaper bag without a doubt he will poop more when we are out then at home. Always put him in your second favorite diaper first, bc guarentee he will poop in the first one within 5 mins of the diaper change. LOL

Some fit pictures:

1 Week old  8lbs
2 weeks old 9lbs

NB sized diaper, 3 weeks old
4 weeks old 11lbs

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