Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 2012

I am going to do an update on not just Bubba who is now 5 months old but for our family. Alot has been changing for us and I want to get it down while I got some time.. OK, I dont really have time to spare, I was just sleeping and decided I needed to get up to go to the bathroom and then while in the bathroom I felt like some Dark Chocolate chips.. and here we are an hour later.. wide awake... dondondon.

Well Bubba turned 5 months old this weekend and boy is he ever cute! He has grown so dang much this past month its unbelieveable!! He is wearing size 9 months in most brands and 6-12 in old navy, size 3.5 shoe I bought him a 4 thats a bit big.. He is so much more aware and grabby! He just loves grabing at my straw & cup if I am drinking something. Same thing if I am eating something will grab for the food. He isnt quite rolling over yet but will scoot in a circle, but he can sit up on his own for about 15 mins then he is tired.. He is so very interested in what people are doing, especially his big bro. Bubba would watch Boo Boo for hours.. well he does.. He is almost to the point of trying to play with him too.. If I put them on the floor together Boo Boo steals all Bubbas toys and hoards them and bubba trys to reach for them.. Good times!

He may or may not have been sleeping through the night still its hard to tell with all the developmental stuff going on with him (he did at 3 months till 4.5 months, it was nice) but since moving around so much and now were back in CA for a while he is still trying to adjust I think. On top of that he has been drooling a TON and is probably ready to pop a tooth soon. I dont blame him for needing some reassurance during the night. He will NOT take a paci, he rarely (maybe once a month) gets a bottle.. (yay for mommy) and mostly only falls asleep being nursed.. :/ yes it is sooooo cute and good cuddle time but its also kinda inconvinent and I am ready for him to learn to self soothe. He has a temper! Much more than Boo Boo did at this age.. When he wants mama he just shakes like he is drownding.. its sad.. He is spoiled.. I know it.. We just love him too much. lol We have only breifly introduced foods to him. He Loves Food! Cannot wait to get some.. I nurse him every 3-4 hours during the day and then 5 hour stretches at night. He is getting all he needs still through milk so I am not in a hurry to start on solids. But he has been getting a bite of banana & a squished grape in his mesh snack catcher thing once a day and he sucks it dry almost.. I think we will start baby oatmeal next month after his 6 month check up, or sooner if he starts to nurse more frequently.

Boo Boo has gone through alot of changes too, and is doing fairly well at adjusting.. He started back at Sonshine Place for preschool and had no problems at all me leaving him so far. In fact he wanted to stay the whole day the last time I picked him up when he saw them laying out the nap cots I explained thats for the kids that stay all day, they take a nap on the cot. Well the next day he wanted to bring his blanky to school so he could sleep there too.. LOL He loves it there! He has grown an inch since we left for alaska in june! He wears 4T shirts and pants and size 10T shoes! He is growing so fast!! He looks like a 5 year old most people tell me. His vocabulary is growing alot, and speech is getting clearer, he does struggle with L's and TH's and seems to have a NY accent.. "Ova Theya" instead of "Over There" Its cute but we are working on it.. LOL

He is very interested in Planes, Trains & Constructions Trucks.. and most recently Monster Trucks!! yay mommy likes monster trucks! He likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake & Neverland Pirates, and Special Agent Oso, and of course begs to watch Chuggington & Go Diego Go, (we phased out DORA, finally, thankfully)Also loves watching the VIKINGS and any sports really. He had the best time when we took him to his and bubbas first NFL game. It was a preseason Vikings game but that was ok there was less people and crowds so it worked out.. The both had a BLAST and Boo Boo is still begging to go to another one!

He really had a great time with all of his cousins while we were in MN for the summer, he and Sawyer fought like brothers and had fun dancing in the living room to the tune on the keyboard. He had fun playing with Gracie in the ByeByevan clapping and singing. He and Miranda had fun camping up at fort deamous a couple times and watching movies. He liked spending time with Nick playing tonka trucks and moving dirt, Him and Zack had fun pretend fishing off the deck of porch on the camper. He didnt play with Arabelle much other than to steal her play computer and other toys.. lol But now that we are back in CA he asks daily if he can go play with one of them and I say we cant now but soon you will be able to again..

One werid thing that has been happening is he out of nowhere will retell a memory of something he had done this summer.. at first I always think he is describing something he did or sees currently but then he mentions on of his cousins and I know he is just remembering something instead.. For instance. I picked him up from school one day and he told me zack was in time out. I asked if zack was a new school friend, he didnt reply he then went on to tell me he was so crying, I asked what happened.. he says Miranda hurt me. I said ok, and moved on.. It is so weird bc I dont see what sparks the memory..

Boo Boo has been doing pretty awesome potty training, he recently been asking not to wear diapers at nap so we let him and he stays dry (yay) then he started refusing diapers at bed time and we say he has to go 3 days with a dry diaper then he can wear undies to bed.. he has made it two nights but not three.. lol so were still working on it.. But on the plus side we have weaned him off his sippy cups at nap & bed time and really doesnt get much at all during the day except for at meals.. Our goal is now to limit the juice to only OJ and TJ Apple, and more milk and water instead. He has been having a hard time eating dinner lately, but we have also started a new paleo diet that some meals he is picky about, another thing he had been eating a late lunch and a alot at that meal so it varies each day..

Trying to keep him on a good scheule but he has been playing so well after school & I get busy with Bubba or making dinner he has been taking a later nap than usual also.. its usually between 1-4 some early some later but usually always around 3 hour.. and of course been trying to sycronize both boys naps but bubba always fights me then falls alseep just as boo boo is waking up.. lol

Well actually the past week Bubba has been pretty consistant.
  • Waking up at 730-8am,
  • play till almost 10, nurse, & nap for 45-60 mins,
  • wake at 11,
  • play till 1-2 nurse, & nap till 3-4 wake, nurse
  • play till 6, nap,
  • 7pm wake nurse & then bed at 9pm
  • waking at 2 & 6am to nurse.
Boo Boo & Bubba get a bath every other night, they have fun, then every night around 845 we go potty, get jammies, read 3 books and then bed, Bubba loves listening to daddy read the books, but halfway through book 2 he gets sleepy and wants his milk and hes ready for bed. lol Last update is on us,

We bought a house in MN finally after looking for 2 years!! It has everything we had been looking for and we are so excited to move back, we are exploring moving options now but most likely will be around thanksgiving driving back with the boys. Hmmm, its not too windy there though, I might have to change the name of my blog.. I will have to start brainstorming some ideas.. maybe "My Family is now too Close!!" lol

We also celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last night at Don Juans for dinner, and we had a ton of fun playing a game I made up called our life in 5 years. We basically made funny predictions on what our life will be like when we celebrate our 10 year anniversay.. It will be fun to compare the results in 2017!! We dont know what the other wrote either for the questions so that will be funny too.. LOL cant wait! haha

Ok thats enough for one post, I will add a bunch of pictures & videos soon..