Saturday, December 28, 2013

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge!

I recently got into juicing with my moms Jack Lalanne Juicer, from inspiration from my friend Kim! While I love using the machine and the juice is so fresh I also recently discovered a neat website dedicated to educating others about the benefits to drinking green smoothies. I was actually on Pinterest looking for recipes for juicing when I found an article from the Simple Green Smoothies website explaining why you need to rotate your greens. I posted the article on facbook to share with my friends who might be interested in reading it. The next day I received a text message from a distant friend whom I miss dearly (Paige) asking if I was going to join their 30 challenge, after I got home I looked more into it and its free and fun so why not! 


A little background on why there is suddenly a fire under my (ars)  to get in shape and lose some weight. Bubba is almost 2 and I currently weigh the same amount I did when I was pregnant with him! Awesome! NOT! Do we need more reasons? Here's another, I am leaving on a trip in 8 months to a small paradise with just my hubby and amazing amount of wine and beaches.. I want to be able to enjoy myself and feel good about it.. nuff said!

After Bubba was born I just have not found motivation to work out like I used to. Nor have I found a good system for childcare to work out. Hubby has had a crazy hectic schedule up until a couple weeks ago and hasn't been home or able to be home in time for me to go to a class. :/

We both have been letting our weigh slide and so we agreed to motivate each other to work out and eat better. I got him the fitbit flex for christmas to help him track his progress. I am choosing to do this 30 day challenge and adding some other healthy boosters and plan to track my progress in MyFitnessPal.


Hubby and I are now on Week 2 day 4 of C25K program on our phones. It has actually been pretty fun! After we put the boys to bed, we suit up in our workout clothes and head to the basement. We turn on something entertaining we both like to watch and start walking for our warmup. One of us on the treadmill, the other doing laps around the basement (while also picking up toys, lol) Then we rotate whoever is running is on the treadmill and whoever is walking is off. (C25K is a free program that works by slowing getting you moving by off alternating between walking and running small distances, and slowly building up until after 8 weeks, you're ready to run 5 kilometers or 30 minutes non stop.)
After the 30 mins is over I do some circut work and and he does some more walking and or running then we stretch. 

I am over the moon excited to find out there is a Zumba class that has childcare available in my town. I just found this out and so I am going to enroll in the class and if hubby is home I will leave the kids, if he is not I will be able to bring them with and they can play while I work out for an hour. SWEET! I also like how they have 3 classes a week and one being Saturday morning! 


We are going to continue to our clean eating diet of mainly meats, vegetables very little dairy and legumes, breads and starches. (paleo) and try harder to eat smaller portions. 

Like I said before I am adding some other drink supplements for me to my daily intake these include: 

  • Jillian Michaels Detox Water: (60oz water, 2 tbs lemon juice, 1 tbs fresh cranberry juice, 1 dandalion root tea bag.) I drink this in place of my 8 glasses of plain water a day.
  • Apple Carrot Ginger Juice: (3 apples, 1 carrot, 1 inch ginger root) This is my snack drink when I am feeling hungry between meals
  • Green Juice Smoothie: (2 cups green leafs, 1 cup water/ coconut water/ green tea, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 cup fresh fruit, 1 Tbs coconut oil/ avocado, 1 Tbs chia seeds/ 1 Tbs Flax oil, 3 tabs spirulina) either my breakfast or lunch meal for 30 days
  • I also plan to eat more nuts for snacks. 


After 5 lbs lost: Get my nails done. 
After 10 lbs lost: Treat myself to a day at The Float Tank!
After 15 lbs lost: Buy a new workout outfit
After 20 lbs lost: Treat myself to a massage!
After 30 lbs lost: New Haircolor & Cut!
After 40 lbs lost: $200 spree for new clothes

Taken 12/27/13

Pre-made detox water, apple carrot ginger juice and yesterdays leftover green smoothie

Smoothie boosters (Chia seeds, Flax Oil, Organic Spirulina, Coconut Oil, & Raw Local Honey)

Fresh fruit for snacks and smoothies

The recipe guide I follow
Simple Green Smoothies formula. (makes 2 -16oz smoothies)

Seriously you guys, wish me luck!! :) 

Wanna join me on this journey? Sign up here (no need to have a link, just your name and photo): 


  1. This is so awesome! I am going to start small with the 30 day smoothie challenge, but hopefully overtime it will become easier and I can add onto it. Right now I just feel overwhelmed with all the info out there, but I'm excited to get started!

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