Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cloth Diaper Report- 1

Once a month I plan on taking an evaluation of our current cloth diapering needs & issues.

Month One

How many diapers a day used? 4-6

How many wipes? 2 per change

Cloth Diapers used? Softbums AI2 Echo & Omni OS Aplix, Grovia AI2 OS Aplix, My homemade nb size diapers aplix
What brand/ style fit best? Softbums/ AI2 ECHO, the omni is just a bit big, my homemade nb sized diapers only fit him up till week 3, but fit great till then.

Were you able to reuse your AI2 shells during the same day? If so how many times? Yes 1-2 times on average

What fit problems did you have? figuring out the right leg elastic length, so its tight enough to contain the pee and not to tight that it leaves red marks on his legs.

What was the print/ color you grabbed the most? Nuclear Orange Softbum Echo, then Blueberry echo

What type of insert/ soakers worked the best? WAHM "FluffyRumps" prefits for the first 3 weeks, then Softbums Bamboo mini pods, at 4 weeks 2 bamboo mini pods works
The worst? Greenline nb size bamboo soaker, was just too wet feeling and soaked within 2 hours.

Did you have any blowouts? One time wearing a Grovia AI2 OS, I think they were just too big for him at 4 weeks. Came out the leg opening. We also had some pee up the top of the SB shells before we got the fit down.

What was your washing schedule like? hour cold soak, then reg wash 2x rinse, sun dry the stained shells and soakers, machine dry the rest. every other day. (update: dont soak anymore it breaks down the material much faster, now just do a extra rinse)

Love it or hate it? Love how soft the cloth diapers are against his little bum, Hate how his EBF poo stains so easily, Love how awsome the sun naturally bleaches the stains out!!

Things you learned? Make sure the soakers are stuffed in the shell around the legs otherwise the pee will leak out onto clothes, Make sure to keep 3 diapers in the diaper bag without a doubt he will poop more when we are out then at home. Always put him in your second favorite diaper first, bc guarentee he will poop in the first one within 5 mins of the diaper change. LOL

Some fit pictures:

1 Week old  8lbs
2 weeks old 9lbs

NB sized diaper, 3 weeks old
4 weeks old 11lbs

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  1. Love the insight here! Thanks and looking forward to future reports.