Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 Months

Phew this month sure past us by quickly!!

Eat: he loves chicken & avocado, & bananas & peaches & watermelon!! We are still nursing and he is pretty happy with it.

Sleep: He has been taking 2 -3 naps a day totaling 3 hours, he likes to go to bed around 7:45 -8pm

Play: he is really into cars, balls and movie cases!

Whats New? Connor started walking everywhere half way through this month and he is very good at it.. The stinker also figured out to crawl under the gate to go upstairs.. :/

Speech: He says dada frequently and ball and signs more and all done.

730: wake up nurse
8:00: eat bfast
9:00: playtime or errands
10:00: bub nap & nurse
11:00 -12:00 lunch
1:00 boys nap & con nurse
3:00 snack time bub& playtime
4:00: snack time cade
5:00: errands / make dinner
5:30: bub nurse & nap
6:00: dinner
7:00: playtime with dad
7:30: bubba nurse & bed
8-830: Cade story time & bed

Cloth Diaper Report -12 months

How many diapers (shells) a day used? 2, (changes: morning, after nap, after dinner & before bed)

How many wipes? 1 in the morning, 3 if poopy, none for wet

What Brands were used? SoftBums, Rock-a-Bums, Mud Butt

What brand/ style fit best? SoftBums omni & Rock-a-Bums

Were you able to reuse your AI2 shells during the same day? If so how many times? Yes about 2-4 times,

What fit problems did you have? None

What was the print/ color you grabbed the most? SoftBums Firecracker Omni

Best on the go diaper? Rock a Bums

What type of insert/ soakers worked the best? Really digging the rockabums soakers with the grey fleece top they hold up good for 3-4 hours never worry about poop.

The worst? Grovia poop gets between the two layers = messy

Overnight? OS Bamboo pod in OMNI shell

Did you have any blowouts? None

What was your washing schedule like? Hot wash heavy duty, then a warm wash normal, washing 2x a week air drying shells, pods dryer
Detergent used? Using Tide original powder.
Love it or hate it? Hate how I never can smell his poop but then again that's not all bad.. I usually change him regularly so he doesn't go long with a dirty diaper before I'm caught by surprise.

Things you learned? Hmmm spraypal is my new bestie!.

Fit pictures: