Tuesday, February 25, 2014

12 lbs down 28 to go!!

Well I finally made it to my 2nd goal of 10 lbs off. I tell ya those were some tough pounds to lose. But once I lost them it seemed to happen overnight and then a couple more too! 

So what have I been doing? 

 I have been just trying to keep to my 1600 a day and eating at least all my daily amount of fiber. I am still trying to do 1 green smoothie a day usually for lunch. 

We switched from running at night to going first thing in the morning, that seems to be helping and getting it out of the way in the morning is great for stressful days- no more excuses were too tired by night! I had been going to Zumba 2x a week as well and some other random classes here and there. Until lol I pulled a ligament in my abdomen :/ so I had to take a week off. Then we all got sick and I got a terrible fever - and sweat out 2 lbs. 

New month I am starting a new program for diet and exercise: 
I read the digest diet book and thought I would give it a try. 3 things that drew me to this diet was: 1) it encourages 1 glass of red wine a night at dinner, 2) dark chocolate :) and 3) it focuses on MUFAS & PUFAS eating healthy fats to lose fat.. And it's 21 days long and comes with all the recipes and shopping lists. 

Today was day 1: I am on the "fast release" stage you drink 2 shakes a healthy size snack and then soup for dinner. You do this for 4 days along with 45 mins of walking in the morning, and 3 -(1 min) energizers sporadically throughout the day. 

So far I am liking it and look forward to stage 2! 

Here is a refresher of my weight loss goals & rewards; 


After 5 lbs lost: Get my nails done. 
After 10 lbs lost: Treat myself to a day at The Float Tank!
After 15 lbs lost: Buy a new workout outfit
After 20 lbs lost: Treat myself to a massage!
After 30 lbs lost: New Haircolor & Cut!
After 40 lbs lost: $200 spree for new clothes

Looks like I should be making my float tank appt and only 3 lbs short of a new workout outfit! Woop! 

This months pictures:

Last months pictures: 

Update on hubby's weight loss progress: he has lost 25# and is doing amazing, I am very proud of us both! :) 

Thanks everyone for cheering us on!