Monday, April 21, 2014

20lbs down halfway to my goal!!

Made it to my 20 lb goal, so I bought a swim suit. I was going to get a new wii game but it's finally starting to get warm out so I figured I would rather go for a run or bike ride instead of staying inside. This swim suit I did purposely buy a bit in the small side to further push me. It seems to fit now but I will be so much more confident once I drop some more arm & leg weight . 

Diet: This month I honestly stopped tracking my intake on myfitnesspal and it totally showed. I did horrible with eating and cravings . I do realize that by tracking what you eat you are more aware of how much you eat regardless of  if your tracking your calories or not. So I ended up sneaking more junk and not even realize how much daily. Blah! I am going to try harder next month at this.. I'm drinking more green tea/ ginger/ dandelion root tea. In place of coffee and stuff. And try to get three of my Nalgene bottles of water a day. 

Exercise: I feel like I did pretty well at keeping up with exercising. I only ran 2x although. But I did go to 2 classes a week and on off days I tried to do my wii fit for 30 mins. I have also got into spinning class and I am hoping to try to get to that 2x a week. It's such a great workout! 

I have also been doing a plank and push-up challenge so far so good. Working up to build those core and arm muscles. The kids enjoy "working out" with me too. :)
Me and cade doing wii Zumba.


Last months pictures: 
Not much progress this month as far as measurements go except in my upper thighs, that's still better than gaining it somewhere so ok in my book woop! 

I feel like I need to get back to walking or running in the mornings to keep me in check for the rest of the day. That seemed to work well. If only I could get my lazy butt out of bed in time to do it.. :/ Maybe once the weather is nicer I will be able to bring the kids on a walk or run to the park. 

Hubby has continued to lose weight as well by just watching what he eats. I hope he comes back to Gym Fredrickson soon! I miss my c25k buddy. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

18 down 22 to go!! Almost halfway there!

What? That seems so crazy to me that I actually lost 18 lbs! Just last week I was whining to Dan that I am still wearing the same freakin pair if pants yet i've lost almost 20 lbs! Life is unfair sometimes! I mean don't get me wrong those were some very well deserved pounds I was happy to say goodbye to. But I am really looking forward to wearing new pants ... Maybe next month. 

So what have I been doing? 

 I am going to be real honest. I stick to my. 1450 caloric daily intake strictly for weeks and noticed that I wasn't gaining or losing any weight. So I had a few cheats days last week and boom my metabolism got a wake up call apparently and decided to start doing some work and boom I lost 2.5 lbs.. So this is a learning process. But seriously why does it have to be that difficult??? 

Well I love Zumba but some of the instructors songs are really starting bother me and I wish she would move on to more sambas and Latin dances.. :/ I have been going once a week. I have also been going to turbo kick and boy that us a fun and challenging workout! Tonight I tried butts and guts again and all my muscles are still shaken, I think that's a good thing but man that class sure makes me feel weak! I guess that's more reason to keep going back.. Another new thing I am doing is MWF I am doing 45 mins in the morning on the wii fit yoga and strength training. I really love how it tells you how your doing but I am already getting bored with it at the same time.. I am looking into getting a new game to try. 


After 5 lbs lost: Get my nails done. 
After 10 lbs lost: Treat myself to a day at The Float Tank!
After 15 lbs lost: Buy a new workout outfit
After 20 lbs lost: Treat myself to a massage!
After 30 lbs lost: New Haircolor & Cut!
After 40 lbs lost: $200 spree for new clothes

Well I got new shoes and done new workout clothes. I actually got a massage while I was at the float tank. So I will need to assign a new 20 lb goal.. Maybe it will be to buy that new wii workout game !! 

Here are this months pictures: 
Last months: