Monday, April 25, 2016

4 months

Kelsey is 4 months she extremely loves her brothers she's still having separation anxiety loves to be with Mom all the time other people not so much she tolerates them in the morning but towards the end of the day only wants mom.

SLEEP! wise she is doing okay she fluctuates between sleeping well only waking up once and then waking up several times a night.

FOOD! She's eating  breastfeeding exclusively  rarely gets a bottle but she'll take it if she needs to  she's eating every 3 hours during the day, we started her on avocado, eggs, & peanut butter per her pediatrician's recommendation she loved all of them and had no problems digesting or anything! She extremely likes avocado so I give it to her usually daily at dinner time which I think is helping her sleep longer at night. If I get make eggs in the morning she usually eats that too I tried giving her pears she like them but she got really gassy and I gave her carrots and sweet potatoes and she like those as well.

PLAY! She learned how to roll from front to back and recently just began rolling back to front she's very strong and you can tell if she wants to be moving. She's not quite sitting on her own yet mostly because she wants to stand all the time. She is so strong she jumped out if her bumbo chair.

She still hates being in the car most the time so if she's hungry or has a dirty diaper but if she can see Caiden or Connor she laughs and likes to look at them and it makes it more enjoyable.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New weight loss goals

OK Kelsey is 4 months I'm not waiting a year like I did with the boys. I'm sick of my clothes not fitting well. I am stuck in a crappy eating cycle, I need to get exercising again I know that. So I am going to start with one simple goal to begin with.

Exercise every weekend at least once for an hour. If I miss my favorite Zumba class then I HAVE to either go for a run or another class later that day or on sunday. Then as she gets older I can ad in 2 classes a week until I am able to leave her in the fit kare 3x a week.
I am going to do couch25k again.

I need to stop using Kelsey as an excuse not to go. Dan is more than capable of watching her for an hour once a weekend.

Start weight: 209
Goal weight: 174

My weight loss goals:
5lbs lost: float tank
10 lbs lost: pedicure
15: lost:  hair colored
20: lost: new workout clothes
25: new swim suit
30: new shoes
35: watercolor tattoo!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

3 months old

Kelsey is 3 months!

She has hit some milestones. Slept 7.5 hours vday, and now 8 hours last night !


She still absolutely hates being in the car.

Still eating every 2 hours during the day and 8pm loves going to bed, wakes up at 2 to eat then again at 6 then up for the day at 8am.

She is 13lbs and 24 inches tall. Wearing some 3 month but mostly 6 month clothes. 

She loves standing and rocking in your lap. She loves listening to Connor sing to her. She loves listening to papa tell her crazy stories and sing nursery songs. She loves listen to caiden read her stories. She loves the burp rag that hangs over her crib rail she talks to it every morning.. lol and she loves swimming!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

2 months old

Kelsey is 2 months old and the size of a .. jk

She is 23 inches and 11 lbs 11 oz. I just can't believe how fast she is growing. It is certainly much easier to feed her now.

She is eating every 2 hours during the day and every 4 at night. Sometimes more. She will typically do a long stretch in the beginning of the night 4 or 5 hours then another 3-4 hour stretch after that then eats at 6 then wakes up at 7 or 8 fir the morning. She likes to sit in the kitchen in her mamaroo and poop then she will play for an hour then it's naptime. She will sleep for an hour then the rest of tge day is the same, eat, sleep play, eat.. till 8pm then she eats on both sides and goes to bed for the night.

She really is enjoying her brothers, she likes to watch them and hear them talk to her. She has started to reply. Sighs and goos and coos.

She is a very happy baby for the most part and now that we have a schedule down I put her down in her bed for nap before she is upset she falls asleep on her own.

Kelsey got to go on her first flight! We flew to San Diego for the weekend and took the kids to Legoland! She did amazing on the flights and besides having a little cold she slept decently and really didn't get too thrown off by the time difference. She got to go on 1 ride (a water boat ride through fairy book land) at the park and then the following day she got to dip her toes in the ocean. It was really windy so we didn't take her swimming in the pool but she loves water so I bet she would have loved it.  She was very happy girl the whole trip and her and her brothers had the best vacation ever. They all did so good I am do lucky to have such well behaved children!

Monday, January 4, 2016

One month old

Kelsey is one month old today! She is so sweet! I love having a tiny baby again they are so cute and cuddly. Having a girl is so funny. Definitely way more fun to dress and shop for.

Eating: she is kind of in a transition right now but she is eating every 2 hours during the day on one side. Every 4-3 hours at night. She has a bottle of bm at 8-9 pm 4oz and sleeps 4 hours then wakes up 2 more times to eat on one side before waking up at 8 or 9 am.

Growth: she has outgrown mostly all of her newborn clothes and diapers. Super sad packing them up already especially since I don't know if we will ever have another kid in them. 

She will focus on our faces and recognizes our voices. She particularly pipes up for her brothers voices lol. She has smiles for mom. 

Play: during her wakeful hours she enjoys watching the ceiling fan, her brothers play and her ocean machine. She is content to lay and watch things in the morning for about an hour and then again at night for an hour with snippets in between. She loves to nap in front of the fireplace.( under close supervision  of course)

Sleep Routine: she seems to love routine so far and has adapted very smoothly to her crib. She loves sleeping in there with her ocean sounds and humidifier projector going. We give the kids a bath then jammies. Dad will give her a bottle while I get boys to bed then pump. He swaddles her and tucks her in. We usually read stories in her room all together but she is busy eating and settling down so we are reading stories in the boys room till she is older. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Kelsey Capri is here!

Wednesday December 2nd: Well it looks like we'll be heading to the hospital tomorrow I will call labor and delivery 6 a.m. to see if they have a spot for us for induction! Super nervous / anxious over here. Dan is at the hospital visiting his dad who has been in the hospital for the last week since Sunday when we're at Beth's house for Thanksgiving he exhibited signs of a stroke he has been in the hospital ever since trying to get his heart rate under control.

I'm going to try and take a bath tonight to relax a little and hope to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow I highly doubt that will happen I'm so nervous I hope everything goes well.

Thursday December 3rd: Called labor and delivery at 6 they told me they had a spot for me and to come in at 7:15 AM. We dropped the boys off at Alicia's and took one last picture before heading to the hospital. Man it is so weird entering the hospital with all of our stuff without being actually in labor like the last pregnancies, weird doesn't even describe it!  We were checked in and in our room within minutes the nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV and I got me all registered about 10 minutes later my doctor arrived and she checked me I was already at 4 centimeters and started the induction which entailed only rupturing my water which to my surprise didn't hurt at all, after I got all hooked up to the heart rate monitor and they started the pitocin drip I started having contractions around 9-930. Not knowing how long this laboring was going to take I decided to get up and walk around we took two walks down the length of the hallway and got back to the room where we met the nurse at this point the contractions were coming one minute apart and I was in a lot of pain the nurse told me if I was going to get an epidural now would be the time! About five minutes later the anesthesiologist came in and started putting the epidural in after about 15 to 20 minutes it was in and she had given me the numbing agent but not yet hooked up the epidural medication when I started having the urge to push so the nurse called for my doctor who arrived just in time for me to push baby Kelsey out in two contractions. 

Kelsey Capri Fredrickson was born at 11:14 a.m. weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces 19 and a half inches long she had some bruising on her face but overall was healthy baby girl!

After (the golden hour) as the hospital calls it. Which is where we are given time to nurse and bond with baby alone in delivery room, our nurse came in and weighed and measured her. Them we headed to our postpartum room upstairs.  

We had several visitors that day the first being Caiden and Connor of course. Along with Alicia and her crew, next was Grandma Fran, Beth and Jordan and their kids and finally my parents Jen and Miranda. 

The boys showed up with flowers in pink shirts and they were so excited to meet their baby sister Caiden was in love and Connor was kind of scared because she was crying when it was loud. 

We had two other visitors the following day Agatha & Maritza and her kids and we finally got out of the hospital Saturday December 5th. 

We are so thankful for all the visitors and the gifts they brought for us!! Love!! 

I was very impressed with the hospital and nursing staff they were so on top of things and we has a very pleasant expirience!! 

39 weeks

Went to my 39 week appt. Saw the ob dr bc my midwife was off this week for thanksgiving. Ugh.

Still 3cm 60-70% effaced

I discussed with her my concerns with my past labor expirience with Connors being super fast and chaotic with making sure the boys had childcare. She said my cervix is favorable for induction. So we scheduled that for Thursday this week.

Hoping she decided to come on her own before then but if not so excited to know we will meet her soon!

My last weigh on was 219. So overall gain of 30 lbs.