Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cloth Diaper Report-Month 11

I kinda feel like each month I do this it's so similar. So this month I am going to do something different.

First let me start off with my inventory. Lets just say it's grown a lot since bubba was born.. Lol. darn you SoftBums Calendar Bums!!

I am not going to list off each shell individually that would take me too long but there are:
9 Omni shells,
10 Echo Shells,
1 OS bamboo superpod,
9 OS bamboo pods
1 OS dry touch superpod,
4 large dry touch pods,
6 large bamboo pods.

I am going to see how many times I can reuse the shell in a day and document how many changes and shells & pods we go through till wash day which is once a week.

Day One:
Shells used: Firecracker Omni, & Black Tie Echo
Pods Used: 2- OS Bamboo pods, 2- large bamboo pods, 1 large dry touch pod.
Changes: 5
Wipes: 3

Day Two:
Shells used: Lime Omni, Blueberry Echo, Sprout Omni
Pods used: 2 Large bamboo pods, 3 OS Bamboo pods
Wipes: 6

Day Three:
Shells used: Nuclear Pumpkin Echo, White Tie Safari Omni,
Pods used: 2 Large bamboo pods, 1 large dry touch pod, 1 OS bamboo pod
Wipes: 4

Day Four:
Shells used: Snowcone Omni, Chocolate Omni,
Pods used: 2 OS Bamboo pod, 1 bamboo mini (dh thought it was a large bamboo) 2 large bamboo
Wipes: 5

Day Five:
Shells used: Ebony Omni, Peace-o-phants Omni
Pods used: 1 OS Bamboo pod, 1 OS Bamboo superpod, 1 OS dry touch superpod
Wipes: 3

Day Six -Wash Day:
Shells used: Midnight Owls Echo,
Pods used: 2 large dry touch pods
Wipes: 0

So overall: we were able to use 2-3 shells a day, changing 3-5 times a day. It was a messy poop week apparently because he is getting 2 teeth. We used a lot more wipes than usual.

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