Tuesday, June 3, 2014

23 lbs down 17 to go!

Yay I got out of my plateau! I am still chugging along on this weight loss/ better me journey. I have noticed since the weather has gotten nicer it is so hard to go to the gym I would much rather be outside. So I get there when I can for spin class. I am still trying to walk/ run at least once a week. I am also doing my Pilates wii game and one other during the day when the kids are napping. 

Diet wise I am still trying to do one shake a day and as much fruits and veggies I can for snacks and meals. I need to get better at meal planning so I stop running out of food and start getting drive thru food! Ugh! Lol 

Well I am going to update my goals again: 
30# loss: getting a tattoo
40# loss: $250 new clothes! 

I really need to stay motivated so I know I really have been wanting a new tattoo so I think that will help push me. 

Here's my progress 
This month: