Tuesday, May 21, 2013

12 Months old!!

Ok this is a tad late but we just celebrated his first birthday this weekend.

It was a crazy year! One year ago today we were having a snow storm and the roads in CA were closed. The morning my water broke it was 47 degrees so the snow had been melting and they opened up the interstate 14 and we were lucky enough for that so we could get to the hospital in Lancaster, CA to deliver Con-man.
My water broke at 12:30am we left the house at 1 something and got to the hospital 45 mins later, my contractions were 3-4 mins apart & were very strong. We were admitted to triage and they only had one bed left, ha! After about 30 minutes a nurse finally came in and got me all hooked up and monitored. Connors heart rate was erratic, and even though we had been through this before I was concerned! I was dialated to a 4-5 when I got to the hospital and 80 % efface. They told me they were hooking me up to IV for fluids to help calm his heart rate, (really it was Pitocin to escalate the labor) I was extremely uncomfortable and wanted my epidural.. haha they told me I had to wait till I was in a room to order one, and that there was currently no laboring rooms open.. (umm seriously??) Within a half hour I went from 5-8.5 cm and almost 100% effaced. They found a room for me and sent me down.. I was ready to order my epidural.. they told me it was too late and by the time the anystiologist got to me (there were others in line in front of me) I would already be having the baby.. (Oh thanks..) Ok then I would like some pain meds.. they talked me out of those too.. gee thanks ..
once my doctor finally showed up 10 mins later I had already been at the verge of delivery.. haha begging to push (TMI sorry) I was so scared he wasn't going to make it out ok with his erratic heartrate still going crazy and I could hardly breathe they had a oxy mask on that felt like it was suffocating me, no wonder Dan wasn't very hands on.. I am sure he was kinda freaked out.. lol poor guy!
Well after 4 contractions of pushing Connor Nicholai Fredrickson was born at 4:49 am
Beautiful baby boy! 8lbs 7 oz and 21inches long.
He is still such a beautiful boy and we love him dearly! It is so amazing how much personality and bonds he has made in just a year. He and Caiden are already best buds and have an unheard language of their own. I fell so blessed to have such amazing children in my life!
Ok on to what Bubba is up to now a days.
He loves to walk, loves walking around the house and exploring. He loves seeing what Cade is doing and playing right with him. Chasing after him or driving cars around the floor with him. They are seriously cute!
Eat: He still likes pretty much everything and when he is done he will tell you or throw his food on the floor or squish it in he lap.. yes awesome!
Sleep: He went through a not wanting to nap phase that thankfully he grew out of quickly and is now sleeping great again. He still taking 2-3 naps depending on the day and what we are doing, totaling 3-4 hours
Play: His favorite toy is probably a ball, he always has one in his hand or is chasing after one. He points to a ball and says ball even!  lol but he does like other toys too cars, bowls, cups..
Speech: He sticks to Dada (anytime im on the phone or he sees a picture on the wall) Ball, mum, num num, all done, & signs all done and more and yes ..
8:30am-9:45am wakes up
10:00 am breakfast
11:00 am Play outside if nice or else inside
12:00pm snack
12:30 Bubba nap
2:30 Boo Boo nap
3:00 Bubba up & lunch
4:30 Boo Boo up & lunch
5-6 Play outside & make dinner
6:30 dinner
7:30 Bubba bed
8:30 Boo Bed
Its been such an amazing year watching them both grow and see the friendship bloom. They are both seriously cute!. Love being their Mom!