Tuesday, January 28, 2014

7 lbs down 33 to go!!

Yay we survived one month to a healthier us! 

We have continued our 3x a week C25K work out together. It has been getting easier gradually. I am happy to say I survived week 4 and that is 3x running 5,4,& 3 minutes at a time lol 

I have also been doing very well at taking 1-2 Zumba classes a week. I love Zumba so that's not hard. 

I have officially finished my 30 green smoothie challenge and I honestly loved it. Yes, there were days when my concotion did not turn out well but overall  it was good. I especially liked it because I really hate eating salad and this was a good substitute for getting those greens in. So I will continue to make some weekly. 
I gave up the detox water after a week mainly bc it took up too much space in the fridge. I just started adding lemon juice to my water tumbler at every refill. 

I started drinking green tea in place of coffee (most days) and hope to start drinking matcha green tea soon! 
I am still juicing here and there and I also am trying out dr oz's vegetable broth drink with lunch or in between lunch and dinner. 

My progress: So excited after 1 month I have lost 7 lbs and 2 inches around my waist .5" around my arms and .5" around my thighs!! Woop! 

I missed my goal reward at -5 lost so I will go all out at the float tank once I lose my 10 lbs hopefully before my birthday in a week! 

Hubs Progress: he lost 10 lbs in a month and idk measurements I doubt he measures himself lol. 

This months photos: 

 Last months photos: 

What totally has helped me keep motivated on days when I feel like things are just not happening fast enough is encouragement from my mom, and freiends who are on myfitnesspal and my new group fitness buddie! I really appreciate them doing this with me and I can't wait till we can all celebrate our healthier selfs! Keep up the great work ladies!