Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New weight loss goals

OK Kelsey is 4 months I'm not waiting a year like I did with the boys. I'm sick of my clothes not fitting well. I am stuck in a crappy eating cycle, I need to get exercising again I know that. So I am going to start with one simple goal to begin with.

Exercise every weekend at least once for an hour. If I miss my favorite Zumba class then I HAVE to either go for a run or another class later that day or on sunday. Then as she gets older I can ad in 2 classes a week until I am able to leave her in the fit kare 3x a week.
I am going to do couch25k again.

I need to stop using Kelsey as an excuse not to go. Dan is more than capable of watching her for an hour once a weekend.

Start weight: 209
Goal weight: 174

My weight loss goals:
5lbs lost: float tank
10 lbs lost: pedicure
15: lost:  hair colored
20: lost: new workout clothes
25: new swim suit
30: new shoes
35: watercolor tattoo!

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